Taste My Budzz – Where food is Love!  is the place to come for easy, weeknight meal recipes. I know how niche it is and I also know that everything I make is really healthy and tasty. Delicious and quick to make. It’s an empowering place too. Every time I come, am like, ‘Yeah! I taste my buds!’ No fads; just real food which is delicious, do-able for real life and optimal health.  
Just like you, I want to be in and out of kitchen ASAP (You know, Netflix to watch, Instagram to stalking to do). But still, I want to eat delicious really good food and that is why you won’t find complicated recipes or crazy ingredients on taste my budzz.

 The recipes at taste my budzz. have been designed to inspire you to create healthy, nourishing and delicious meals simply and quickly. The basic whole food ingredients heal and nourish your body in a way only ‘real’ food can. If you feel you ‘don’t have time to prepare healthy meals,’ I would ask if you to consider if you have the time to be unwell? I know I don’t.

Cooking whole food meals does not mean endless hours in the kitchen, although it will involve some forethought and organisation. I personally have a routine to keep my pantry well stocked to minimise the time I spend shopping.

I prepare many meals in bulk (to freeze for those days that escape me) and I often double up for lunches. For example, if I’m cooking a roast for dinner, I’ll cook two chickens – one for dinner and another for the week’s lunches (meat and salad, fresh spring rolls, sushi, sandwiches). If I’m steaming vegetables, I’ll often have eggs for the following days lunch boiling in the pot below the steamer.
There are so many things you can do to prepare extra food that doesn’t require a whole lot of extra time in the kitchen. I share shortcuts and time saving tips often on social media so connect with me there.

Mithuna Pannalker